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Purbanchal University
Pushpalal Chowk, Biratnagar
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Tribhuvan University

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Brindra Bhatta
Quick Facts
Address Pushpalal Chowk, Biratnagar
Ownership Public/Government
Estd Year 1993
Contact 021-463701/2/
Total Faculties 6
Total Course 23
Graduated Student 28000
Constituent Campuses 1
Affilated Colleges 1
About University

Purbanchal University

Purbanchal University was established in 1993 to develop the education system in a decentralized manner. Purbanchal University aim to expand and provide opportunities of higher education into different parts of a country. It is located in center of Biratnagar, Province 1. The establishment of Purbanchal University provides great relief to the students from urban area who wish to get an higher education in Nepal from eastern part of Nepal. It is partially funded by government and partly by the revenue raised of students. With its affordable fee structure which provides great relief to the students of eastern region of Nepal which helps students to develop their technical and vocational training. This university provides scholarship in different faculties in its constitute campus. Prime minister is a Chancellor and Prof Dr. Yadav Raj Koirala  is a Vice-chancellor of this university.There are 96 acemedic staffs and 211 academic staffs in this university and its constitute campuses. 

There are three constitute campuses and has provided its affiliation to eighty-nine private colleges. 

Six faculties under Purbanchal University are :

Faculty of Management

·         Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

·         Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD)

·         Bachelor of Commerce Studies (BCS)

·         Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management (BHCM)

·         Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

·         Bachelor of Travel And Tourism Studies (BTTS)

·         Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

·         Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) (distance mode)

·         Master of Business Administration (MBA)

·         Master of Public Administration (MPA)

·         Master of Tourism Studies (MTS)

·         Master of Hotel & Hospitality Management (MHHM)


Faculty of Science and Technology

·         Bachelor of Engineering in Geomatic Engineering

·         Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

·         Bachelor of Engineering in Civil

·         Bachelor of Engineering in Computer

·         Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics And Communication

·         Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

·         Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)

·         Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) (Hons.)

·         Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

·         Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B.Sc.Ag.)(Hons.)

·         Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology (B.Tech)

·         Bachelor of Science in Bio-chemistry (B.Sc.)

·         Bachelor of Dairy Technology (B.Tech.)

·         Bachelor of Food Technology (B.Tech.)

·         Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc. and AH)

·         Master in Agriculture Business Management

·         Master of Computer Application (MCA)

·         Master of Engineering in Earthquake (ME)

·         Master of Science in Dairy Technology (M.Sc.)

·         Master of Science in Engineering Management (M.Sc.)

·         Master of Science in Information System Engineering (M.Sc.)

·         Master of Science in Life Science (M.Sc)

·         Master of Science in Meat Technology (M.Sc)

·         Master of Science in Urban Design in Conservation (M.Sc.)

·         Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)


Faculty of Arts

·         Bachelor of Arts (BA)

·         Bachelor of Interior Design (BID)

·         Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

·         Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Science

·         Bachelor in Media Technology (BMT)

·         Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

·         Master of Arts in Media Technology (MMT)

·         Master of Arts in Mass Communication And Journalism

·         Master in Development Communication

·         Master in Development Studies

·         Master in Sociology/Anthropology

·         Master in Population and Rural Development

·         Master in Rural Development Planning And Gender Studies

·         Master in Regional Development Planning And Management

·         Master in Social Work

·         Post Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Journalism (PGD)


Faculty of Law

·         Legisum Laterum Bachelor (LLB)

·         Legisum Laterum Masterom (LLM)

·         Master's degree in Conflict and International Humanitarian Law

·         Master's degree in Human Rights


 Faculty of Education

·         Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.)

·         Bachelor of Education (B. Ed. one-year)

·         Bachelor of Education (B. Ed. distance mode)

·         Master of Education (M.Ed.)


Faculty of Medical and Allied Science

·         Bachelor of Public Health (BPH)

·         Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing)

·         Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBN)

·         Bachelor of Pharmacy(B.Pharm)

·         Master of Pharmacy (clinical)





Science & Technology
Humanities & Social Sciences
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Purbanchal University
Pushpalal Chowk, Biratnagar
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