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Nepal Open University
Lalitpur, Nepal
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Tribhuvan University

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Brindra Bhatta
Quick Facts
Address Lalitpur, Nepal
Ownership Public/Government
Estd Year 2016
Contact 015008047
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About University

Nepal Open University is established by an act of parliament in 2073 B.S. (2016) by the government of Nepal with Act No 3, 2073 approved date 2073. 03.30 B.S. This is the premier Open University in Nepal with equal legal status to other universities in the country. The academic, as well as the administrative head, is the Vice-chancellor (उपकुलपति)  The Registrar (कुलसचिव) is the chief of the personnel and financial administration of the university. 

The purpose of the establishment of the university is to expand the access of higher education to mass people who are unreached to conventional higher/tertiary education. The university therefore now is striving to make programs that are inclusive and relevant to the national needs of creating a knowledge society and preparing youth for the world of work in Nepal and equally competent for the global market. By utilizing cutting-edge information and communication technology, NOU is going to run the program in distance online learning mode. The focus of the education program will be on science and technology, technical and vocational education, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary courses the higher education priority areas stated in higher education policy. Besides, NOU will run general and professional education programs such as humanities and social sciences, management and public administration, education, law, and other relevant areas identified from the research and development unit of the university while expanding the programs. The courses will prepare graduates competent in self-job creation and employ in the national and international job market. 

In conventional university students do come to university for education, whereas NOU tries to reach to the students where they are to educate, train and validate the lived experiences through certification based on established quality standards of higher/tertiary education. The program will be more flexible in reference to the time, place, and academic level of the students. There will be a provision for the students to join the courses to reach the level needed to meet the entry requirement for a particular education program. However, completion of school education is the basic requirement to enroll in the university. 

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Nepal Open University
Lalitpur, Nepal
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