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ICAN Marg, Satdobato, Lalitpur
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Brindra Bhatta
Quick Facts
Address ICAN Marg, Satdobato, Lalitpur
Ownership Public/Government
Estd Year 1997 A.D
Contact 01-5530730, 01-5530832
Total Faculties 1
Total Course 3
Graduated Student
Constituent Campuses 1
Affilated Colleges 1
About University

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal was established under the Nepal Chartered Accountants Act 1997 with the motto “Purity of mind and clarity of wisdom”. The headquarter of ICAN is in Lalitpur, Nepal. CA. Krishna Prasad Acharya is the President where CA. Madan Krishna Acharya Sharma is the vice-President of ICAN and an Immediate Past President was CA. Jagannath Upadhyay. To enhance the social recognition towards people and to raise the public awareness towards the accounting profession, as well as the social and economic responsibility of the accountants ICAN is established to contribute to the economic development of a country.

There are a total of 1500 Chartered Accountants, 1500 Registered Auditors-B, 600 Registered Auditors-C, and 1000 Registered Auditors-D. It is a prestigious, responsible, and rewarding profession.

Chartered Accountancy is a challenging course that is based on a distance learning module. It provides depth theoretical knowledge and practical training and problem-solving skills to the students.  The Institute of Accountancy of Nepal is a member of IFAC (International Federation of Accountants), SAFS (South Asian Federation of Accountants), CAPA (Confederation of Asia and Pacific Accountants)

Eligibility Criteria for CAP-1 Level:

·         Completed +2 level or An A-Level or equivalent examination from a recognized education board.

·         Students who have scored 50% in commerce and less than 60% in faculty in other faculty can directly apply for CAP-II Course.

Students waiting for the result of +2 or equivalent examination may register their name provisionally.

Fee Structure for CAP-I:

The fee structure for the CAP-1 level course is Rs. 27, 500. It can be paid fully at the time of registration or one can pay on the basis of installment.

·         Rs. 1500 at the time of registration

·         Rs. 12,500 after three months of registration


Paper 1

Fundamentals of Accounting

100 Marks

Paper 2

Mercantile Laws and Fundamentals of Economics

100 Marks

Paper 3

Fundamentals of Management and Commercial Mathematics and Statistics

100 Marks


To be eligible to attend the examination of level CAP-I level, one should pass the eligibility test prescribed by the ICAN.

Registration Deadline:

For summer before the end of November registration must be completed and for winter, before the end of May. There must be a time interval of six months between the registration process of the level CAP-I examination.

After completing CAP-I students can enroll in the level CAP-II course.

Chartered Accountancy the profession of CAP-II Level:

Eligibility Criteria:

·         One should have passed the CAP-I level

·         Should have been post-graduated or graduated in Commerce, Business Administration, or Management with major Accounts, Audit or Tax. Also have secured 50% aggregate marks or other than above with a minimum of 60% aggregate.

Students who are eligible as mentioned above can register their name provisionally.

Fee Structure:

Rs. 32, 500 is the total fee of the CAP-II level course. One can pay it on the process of registration or can pay on the basis of installment. Fee structure may change according to the Council. One can pay 17, 500 at the time of registration and remaining within six months after registration.



Group I



Group II


Paper 1.

Advanced Accounting

100 Marks

Paper 4.

Financial Management

100 Marks

Paper 2.

Audit and Assurance

100 Marks

Paper 5.

Cost and Management Accounting

100 Marks

Paper 3.

Corporate and Other Laws

100 Marks

Paper 6.

Business Communication and Marketing

100 Marks




Paper 7.

Income Tax and VAT

100 Marks




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ICAN Marg, Satdobato, Lalitpur
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FAQ Section
• The CPA Program is made up of two key components: 1) CPA Program subjects, and 2) Your Experience Requirement • The education component is a semester-based, post-graduate, distance-learning program • Candidates are provided with and have access to a range of learning resources including printed and online materials
Please refer to the Important Dates section on the CPA Australia website for more information on 2020 enrolment dates
CPA Australia recommends candidates enroll into one subject per semester • Candidates can enroll in a maximum of three subjects per semester
You have six years from the date you become an Associate (ASA), member • Extensions beyond these six years may be granted upon application
There is no set order – though many candidates elect to study Ethics and Governance first • Candidates cannot enrol into Global Strategy and Leadership until they have completed all other compulsory segments
Exemptions can be granted from elective subjects only – all other subjects are compulsory regardless of prior study
We recommend 10–15 hours of study per subject, per week over the course of the semester
• CPA Australia has membership pathway arrangements with a range of leading accounting bodies all around the world and may recognize in full or part, the programs of other Professional Bodies. View our website for further detail.
If you’ve studied a degree from a different discipline but want to pursue a career as a CPA, Foundation exams provide an alternative entry point to the CPA Program and are available to potential members who have not met the core knowledge requirements. • Consisting of 6 subjects, Foundation exams cover the knowledge and demonstrate the competencies required to undertake the CPA Program. • Candidates undertaking Foundation exams are not yet members of CPA Australia -> Economics and Markets ->Foundation of Accounting ->Fundamentals of Business Law -> Business Finance ->Financial Accounting & Reporting -> Management Accounting
Candidates have 10 years from their first enrolment to complete their required Foundation level subjects. Extensions are available upon request
If you complete a membership application and receive a foundation outcome, you can enrol in your foundation exam subjects online, at any time. Please note however that some countries are facing greater COVID-19 impacts than others, and availability to schedule your exam in an exam centre will vary per market
Candidates can enrol into all 6 Foundation exam subjects at the same time (if applicable)
Candidates can enrol into the same exam as many times as required, but can only fail a subject 3 times (four attempts are the maximum of the same exam) • Candidates who have failed the same exam 3 times will need to complete a subject within an accredited degree to meet core knowledge requirements
Pass marks are different for each exam. The candidate feedback report advises of the exam mark and whether the candidate has passed or not.
Official exam results indicate the grade awarded. The only grades that are provided for Foundation level are pass and fail
No, results are final and are not re-examined or remarked under any circumstances