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Far-western University
Bhimdatta Municipality, Sudur paschim, Nepal
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Tribhuvan University

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Brindra Bhatta
Quick Facts
Address Bhimdatta Municipality, Sudur paschim, Nepal
Ownership Public/Government
Estd Year 2010 AD
Contact +977-99-520729
Total Faculties 4
Total Course 0
Graduated Student 1000
Constituent Campuses 0
Affilated Colleges 0
About University

Far Western University

Far western university shortly knows as FU, established in 2010 A.D. by the act of Constituent Assembly by the government of Nepal. It is located in BhimDatta Municipality, Sudur Paschim, Nepal. Officially Far Western University came into operation in 2011 A.D.  It’s a non-profitable autonomous public University. Prime Minister of Nepal is a chancellor and Prof. Dr. Amma Raj Joshi. There is 45 administrative staff.  University launched its undergraduate program in 2013 A.D. and graduate program in 2014 A.D. Faculties which falls under the Science Stream runs under the semester system where BBS(Bachelor of Business Studies) follow the yearly system. Engineering and BSc.CSIT and General Science only offers an undergraduate program where other faculties like Humanities and Social Science, Management, Education faculties offer both undergraduate and graduate programs.

There are total of six faculties under this university:

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Agricultural Science

Faculty of Science and Technology   



·         BBA

·         B.Sc.Ag

·         BBS

·         BA

·         B.Ed

·         B.Sc

·         Bed.CSIT

·         Masters in Business Management

·         BE (civil)

·         B.Sc CSIT

·         BE Computer(Purposed)


Science & Technology
Humanities & Social Sciences
Constituent Campuses
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Far-western University
Bhimdatta Municipality, Sudur paschim, Nepal
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FAQ Section
The university is located at Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur.