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Samriddhi College
Lokanthali Bhakatpur , Kathmandu
4 reviews
Quick Facts
Address Lokanthali Bhakatpur , Kathmandu
Ownership Private
Estd Year 2013AD
Contact 01-6636322, 01-6636700
Total Faculties 2
Total Course 4
Graduate Student 2000+
First off, let me extend you all a warm welcome to Samriddhi! Samriddhi College was established with a mission to equip students with the competencies they need to thrive and grow in an ever-competitive economic landscape. Our approach to educational excellence is primarily rooted in the belief that students need to have both character and credentials to lead successful lives and play roles of good citizens contributing to the greater good of society. This explains the holistic approach we embrace in carrying out our academic activities and engaging with our key constituents – students, parents, and the community at large. Our academic portfolio spans a range of domains including Information and communications technologies (ICT), business studies, and social-works. We at Samriddhi believe that there are cross-learning opportunities among students and faculty across the range of academic streams that it offers leading to holistic learning outcomes. Along those lines, we have strategies in place to ensure that such opportunities are indeed materialized going forward. Our course offerings are strongly anchored to demand-side imperatives and embrace a market-oriented approach. For example, we take extra measures to ensure that our ICT courses are aligned with the dynamism shaping the sector characterized by rapid technological progress and their ramifications in the market. Similarly, our business studies and social-work academic streams are geared towards providing students with foundational insights aligned with contemporary knowledge and practical grounding required to succeed in those areas. Let me take this opportunity to invite you to Samriddhi in your quest for finding the right program to suit your academic pursuits and career goals. Thank you.
Manohar Kumar Bhattarai

Education is not just about getting a degree, it’s about learning and applying that knowledge to improve the community. At Samriddhi, our students get empowered with comprehensive teachings, which prepare and excel them for this competitive era. They learn the significance of time, the need for practical education, and the virtues of society. Samriddhi College is the leading college in the local premises, which has one of the best infrastructures along with the best practical teachings in Nepal. Samriddhi College is one of the highly accredited colleges in Nepal that offers programs such as B.Sc.CSIT, which allows a student to make changes to the global technology industries in both the positive and in an innovative manner.

We also have a similar tech relevant course called BCA, which introduces simplicity in technology by teaching an individual to build a proper type of technology that most people can independently use. Furthermore, we are acquainted with young business enthusiasts, who are enrolled in B.B.S to obtain correct supervision and knowledge that is required for them for their future managerial level activities.  Nonetheless, we are proud to speak about our involvement in being a part of a bigger picture of the peaceful world by administering BSW that produces social influencers and emerging leaders, who have the sole role of making the community a better place to live, where everyone is treated as equals.

We also prioritize the improvement of education, while associating ethics that foster the student’s perspective, personal and professional development. We encourage our students to launch startup companies and experience entrepreneurship by providing various supports we can muster for them. Our students are provided with critical guidelines by our faculty members in both a disciplined as well as in a cheerful environment, where all students are regarded as a part of the Samriddhi family in addition to them being a scholar. Samriddhi College is a place where all can share thoughts, emotions and ideas that also helps them to get well prepared for various thick and thin because every person has a long distance to make from graduation to their dream.

– Mr. Sandeep Shrestha (Director Principal)
About College/Campus

Samriddhi College is located at Bhaktapur. It is offering B.Sc CSIT, BCA, BBS, and BSW programs in affiliation with Tribhuvan University. It seeks to combine the best of Eastern and Western academic traditions in order to provide the highest-quality education in Nepal and throughout the world.

Started by a group of experienced, international educators, Samriddhi College offers an enhanced curriculum that fills the gaps found in current institutions, readying our students for challenging work the day they graduate.

The Samriddhi Experience:

  1. A student-centered environment enhancing individual development
  2. An atmosphere of empowerment, critical thought, and creative reflection
  3. Helping students realize their unique talents and abilities
  4. Inspiring and creating future leaders in all fields
  5. An expanded curriculum meeting today’s global needs
  6. An open, dynamic relationship between faculty, students, parents, community, and the world
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BSc. Computer Science and Information Technology(B.Sc. CSIT) Bachelor In Computer Application(BCA) Bachelor In Business Studies(BBS) Bachelor of Social Work(BSW)
Admission Process

1. TU Registration and Examination Fee will be as per TU rules, which are not included in the above Fee structure.
2. Internal examination fee of Rs.700 per term will be charged before the exam.
3. TU Service Charge will be charged extra.
4. Expenses related to the internship, educational tour, and field visits have to be borne by the students themselves.


100% Scholarships for 10 students in the BSW program.

  Regd. Fee Tuition Fee*    
90% and A+ above 100% 100%    
80% and A above 75% 50%    
70% and B+ above 50% 25%    
60% and B above 50% 10%    
* Scholarship is provided for the first year only. For the subsequent years, it will be provided on a MERIT basis.
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Samriddhi College
Lokanthali Bhakatpur , Kathmandu
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FAQ section

With an international board of advisory and guests lecturers from around the world, Samriddhi provides its students with an extended curriculum, including an enhanced classes in oral and written communication, public speaking,specialized IT and bussiness instruction, personality development, global studies, field work, extensive internships and much more.


Around eight lakhs with free courses and internship opportunities.

Lokanthali-1, Bhaktapur, 44800

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