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Dibyabhumi Multiple College
Kupondole, Lalitpur
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Quick Facts
Address Kupondole, Lalitpur
Ownership Public
Estd Year 2070 B.S.
Contact 01-5542479
Total Faculties 4
Total Course 8
Graduate Student 1000

In an Increasingly globally-connected world, it is important that you receive an education that equips you to succeed wherever you may live in the world. Dibyabhumi Multiple College (DMC) is providing quality assured, modern , credible qualifications and value based meaningful education.

I am very pleased to share the college performance report of the year 2071 B.S. (2014), 2072 B.S. (2015), 2073 B.S. (2016) , 2074 B.S. (2017), 2075 B.S. (2018) and 2076 B.S. (2019). We have been successful to collect a great experience in our academic achievement during these Six years. We are successful to give Cent Percent results in TU board exams. And similarly, we prepare our students in such a way that they enable themselves to create and grab job opportunities even during the study period. We very proudly now claim that DMC has provided an unparalleled quality education to the overall personal & professional development of the students.

I would like to thank everyone –all the college faculty, staff, students and guardians-for contributing to make DMC a place to enrich line and fulfills dreams. We assure all the stakeholders that in the days to come we will continue to do more and establish DMC as the best choice among the students.

Global Classroom Learning System:

Come and Join with students from various faculty,level,age, sex, region, cultural and ethnic groups.You can share your knowledge, skills and experiences with these individual talents and your presence here encourages the cross fertilization of idea. At DMC, you are not merely, a number,you are a valued & respected talent.You also pay the role of educator by allowing us to learn about you and your part of the world. Your talents will be explored and you will discover new potentials within yourselves.

A Life Long successful Career:

Do you want to be preparing for a life long and a successful career? do you want to better understand how the world operates? It is said that morning shows the day. A good beginning leads to a good ending.At DMC our distinguished academicians will give you new perspectives on the world.

International Programs & Services:

DMC is committed to provide a wide range of service to their students, faculties and staffs such as student exchange program, faculty exchange program, Trainings, Seminar, conference, Workshop etc.

DMC: Where Everybody is Somebody:

You are always welcome to come in my office to discuss a problem or just to find a listening ear.I want your time at DMC to be happy and successful. Everyone is unique and has immense possibilities withing himself or herself. with us you can explore that possibility.

Questions, Comments, & suggestions!

I look forward to hearing from you soon and personally welcoming you to DMC. If you need any assistance, please remember that I am your friend. Feel free to contact me by letter, phone, email or social medias.

All the best !

Pramod Shah
About College/Campus

DMC (Dibyabhumi Multiple College), affiliated to Tribhuvan University, was established in 2014 with a view to provide quality education to all the needy students here in Nepal. This college is run by the innovative and creative talents who understand the pace of time and introduce the very recent and useful ideas to the students and help them learn in an effective and quick manner. It promises to provide the students a very strong and reliable platform to explore and develop the potentials in the students. DMC is established with an only view to create more civilized humanity that contribute to the formation of a peaceful and prosperous world, and thereby easily hand on a better world to the coming generation. In order to materialize this goal, we believe that only a meaningful education filled with professional efficiency and moral responsibility can help. DMC along with the university text books has developed its own curriculum so as to update the students with the trends and demands of the changing time. We are also teaching the students the subjects such as Leadership Skills, Social Entrepreneurship, Global Citizenship, Critical Thinking, Creative Writing, Core Skills, Digital Design, Videography, Proposal Writing, Foreign Language Classes, MOOC Courses and so on. So, that the students could understand they are digital and global citizens and they have to fulfill the global responsibilities.

Dibyabhumi Multiple College from its establishment has been providing guest lecture classes in which the experts from various fields, even the retired ones share their work experiences of their area. These classes have been proved quite fruitful to instill in the students organizational and professional knowledge and motivate them to do something good for the betterment of the society they live in. Dibyabhumi Multiple College with the active participation of the students organizes various programs such as seminars, conferences, workshop, Round Table meetings and trainings. These programs promote their personality development and leadership skills. Similarly, our students during the whole academic duration do internship training in different National and International organizations working in Social sectors and corporate sectors with a view to sharing and exchanging the ideas and skills. DMC is always open to discover and expand its ties with the institution of both Nepal and abroad.

We have signed MOU with the:

1. Microsoft Innovation Center-Nepal

2. Shire Oak Academy, England, UK

3. Seoul University South Korea

4. VGT Denmark and

5. Kunjang University College, South Korea

6. Korea Association for Function of Handicapped, Seoul, South Korea

7. Swisscontact | Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation

8. Press Council.

Nepal for the academic development and in some joint projects for the mutual benefits of our students and academia. Dibyabhumi Multiple College and UNDP Nepal jointly have already started a Lecture Series program on UN Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 Agenda for college and university students. We have already signed MOU with UNESCO Centre for Global Education, and we believe that this helps us to work in the field of education, young people, and academy in an effective manner and meet with the SDGs and 2030 agenda. Similarly, in co-ordination with the academic institutions of Nepal, DMC has been continuously organizing different academic programs. We are in the process of building up a strong network among the associations of schools, Colleges and Universities, government and non-government bodies in order to fertilize the idea and ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. We are committed to explore and promote the UN SDGs and the 2030 Agenda for achieving quality and sustainable education.

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Bachelor In Computer Application(BCA) BSc. Computer Science and Information Technology(B.Sc. CSIT) Bachelor In Business Administration(BBA) Bachelor of Social Work(BSW) Bachelor in Hotel Management(BHM) Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM) Bachelor in Business Management(BBM) Bachelor of Arts(BA)
Admission Process


The students applying for admission to BSW, BJMC ,BCA & BA (Major English) are required to have completed Intermediate Level (PCL /A-Level or HSEB 10+2) or equivalent in any faculty (science, management, humanities & education) from any board or university recognized of Tribhuvan University.


The candidates can apply to DMC both from the admission desk of the college and online. Application form can be collected from the admission desk. And you can download it online as well. In order to proceed the admission from online, the candidates need to attach all scanned copies of the certificates and necessary documents along with the application form and submit it.




Dibyabhumi is committed to ensuring access and opportunities to all qualified and needy students. It awards following scholarships to the deserving candidates:

1. Scholarship on merit basis.

2.Scholarship to the students of poor economic background.

3.Scholarship to national sports persons, media personality, actors and so on.

4. Scholarship to the students from marginalized, disadvantage groups, remote areas, martyr’s family and so on.

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Dibyabhumi Multiple College
Kupondole, Lalitpur
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DMC is committed to provide a wide range of service to their students, faculties and staffs such as student exchange program, faculty exchange program, Trainings, Seminar, conference, Workshop etc.
Dec 03, 2020: Come and Join with students from various faculty,
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