Home Tuition in Nepal

01 July 2020 Blog

Saral Shikshya Home Tuition 

Saral Shikshya is an Education Platform that brings everyone in the education community together to help learners Succeed. We are launching the home tuition platform in Nepal. Saral Shikshya home tuition is the number one home tuition service provider within Nepal. We have 1000 + professional teachers of different subjects and various locations of Nepal. 

NOTE: Considering the social as well as the psychological impact of Corona Virus (COVID-19) on students; involving them on creative learning educational platform with a motto of "learn, explore and be prepared", we the team of Saral Entrance & Saral Shikshya presents the Online Home Tuition

Qualified Tutors 

The tours of the Saral Shikshay are professional in their own subject. The tuition of Saral Shikshya will go through a different hiring process and we interview every tutor to ensure he/she is fully qualified to teach the selected subject. 

Online Tutors

In this pandemic situation of the covid19, we are working on the Provide the quality teacher to the student through the Online platform. 

Proven Results

Team of the Saral Shikshya believes in providing quality education so our teacher provides personalized, one-on-one guidance to improve grades.  You will see immediate improvements in your child’s grades in as little as 60 days! Some of our students have achieved distinction and received scholarships (free tuition at their schools/colleges)

Free Trial Class

Try our tutors for 2 days. We will ask you a few questions and send a replacement at no cost to you. You will not be charged for those 2 days.

Teacher Placement

Saral Shikshya is the product of  KodeStage Technology Pvt.Ltd. Kodesage is the Information Technology Compay based in Nepal. We are planning to provide quality education to the students in an easy way. The Management team has more than 5 years of experience in various education sectors in Nepal.